Salvo Defense, a division of Salvo Technologies (, is a US based manufacturer that serves the security and defense markets.  All offerings are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with mil standards and utilize best in class processes.  Founded on the principals of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing while integrating the latest in automation and high efficiency technology Salvo Defense is a premier supplier to defense and security forces.  Product lines include Electro-Optical Assemblies, Sensing and Imaging Platforms, Power Management Electronics and Protective Thick Film Coatings.  Salvo Defense is ITAR and AS 9100 Registered.

Salvo Defense specializes in the highest quality mil rugged photonic devices.  Each product line is designed and built to survive the harshest environments.  For example the Shepherd Rugged Series product line developed for its sister company Shepherd Scopes is arguably the toughest family of scopes on the market.  This series of scopes is designed to be essentially indestructible.  By utilizing world class materials coupled with creative design and 810g shock resistance the rugged line can withstand the rigors of combat and come out unscathed.

By combining excellence in manufacturing and assembly with precision-machined optics and housings fire control optics are only one of the many exciting product lines Salvo Defense designs and produces for the military, security and aerospace markets.  Our modern CNC machining capability allow us to manufacture complex and large components. From one-piece prototypes to high-volume production lines, we can meet any production requirement and are capable of machining a wide variety of materials, including precision glass and crystals, castings, forgings, aerospace alloys, and plastics.

Salvo Defense also provides a full range of senor upgrades to existing EO systems.  Whether you want to add additional sensors to your sensor suite, upgrade less useful sensors with higher resolution or alternative technologies Salvo Defense can create a solution.  Many customers are simply upgrading their current solution as this can be a cost effective alternative to replacing existing complex EO technologies.  It also minimizes additional product training for crew and operators.  The upgrade process is quick and cost effective.  Once the specific technology is identified our team of engineers will manufacture the appropriate materials to upgrade the EO payload.  The upgrade process generally takes only a couple of weeks even with custom mounting brackets and custom cables due to our quick turn internal manufacturing processes.  Salvo Defense also offers a full range of handheld imaging product offerings including SWIR, MidWave, and LWIR monocular/binocular products.

Whether upgrading obsolescent payloads or specifying new mission critical EO packages our engineering department is able to process your requests quickly.  Our team enjoys new challenges presented by our customers and is able to meet these challenges by employing a highly skilled workforce trained for quick turnaround setups and continuous production improvements.  Please contact us to discuss your options today.